Privacy and Child Protection Policy


We take the privacy of the individual child seriously.


1. Personal information: Our website is designed in such a way that only an adult with their own personal electronic devices (computer, tablet, phone, etc.) can register. The parent account is secured by a login password that can be shared with their child and a user password that must not be shared with a child. Appropriate sub-accounts for their child or children can then be created under the parent account. The aforementioned sub-accounts are also protected by the same password.

A teacher account functions like a parent account except that a teacher account can have all the students in his or her class.


2. Information about learning: other types of information available for evaluation are the learning history and learning results of an individual child. The website collects every activity of the child for the sole purpose of teaching and learning. This piece of information is accessible to the parent or teachers. Since each sub-account is protected by a password, no third party can have access to this type of information without the consent of the parents.

No personal information and learning history will be shared with the third party. We may ask the school for permission to access the information only when the school wants us to write an analytical report for academic decisions about a particular child or children. We will do this with close cooperation with the teachers and the school administrator to avoid presenting sensitive information.  


3. Disclosure of information: Apart from the learning and assessment history collected by the website, we may visit the school to observe the teaching and learning activities. For publicity purposes, we may ask for permission from the school in order to take photos and record videos for promotional purposes via social media and printed brochures. We will not do this without permission and consent from the school and the parents.


4. Advertisement: Advertisement of any kind is strictly prohibited within the domain of our website.


5. Deletion of an account: Parents or teachers can delete a child or a student account (sub-account). Once the account is deleted, no personal information or learning history is stored in our system. If parents or teachers want to remove his/her account from our system, a request to remove the account may be submitted, and we will delete the requested account from the website. All personal information and learning history will be cleared once the parent/teacher account is removed.


6. Cybersecurity: Our website is hosted by one of the most secure service providers - Siteground. Attempted hacks of any sort would prove to be difficult. Confidentiality of every kind is our highest priority.


7. Links to other websites: This privacy policy applies only to the website We do not control or bear any responsibility for any third-party websites that we share as links within the Sangapac website.  


8. Contact us for additional concerns: We are at an early stage of the development process. The privacy and security of the users and the quality of service are elements that we place an important emphasis on. Please contact us if you have any concerns, and we will take your suggestions into consideration and heighten measures to mitigate your worries.


9. Address: #57I, Plov Betong (concrete road), Phum Borey Mouy Roy Khnorng, Sangkat Teuk Tla, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


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